Stuck in traffic, or just in your old car? Upgrade to state of the art luxury with a new car or SUV from Mercedes-Benz of Hunt Valley. Our Fork Mercedes-Benz dealer has the full range from S type Sedans to the people-carrying GL SUV, perfect for the HOV lane. Our trained salesmen can help you decide and our high quality technicians will provide you with all of your service and maintenance needs.

Whether you are going to Mountain Branch Golf Club or Winters Run Golf Course to work on your swing or heading into Baltimore for shopping, the road becomes more comfortable in a luxurious, reliable, and safe Mercedes-Benz. Maybe you could head down to Gunpowder River and visit the Dundee Natural Environment area and appreciate the riverine and coastal beauty of this part of Maryland. And, of course, you'll always be ready to hit I95 for those longer road trips.

Our Fork Mercedes-Benz dealer is conveniently located. Take Sunshine Avenue and then turn right on Route 1/Belair Road towards Baltimore. Just past Fullerton Reservoir, turn right on I695/Baltimore Beltway. Keep going past Goucher College. At Seminary Park, turn right on I83/Baltimore-Harrisburg Expressway northbound. Then turn right again on W Padonia Road at Magooby's Joke House. When you reach Padonia Plaza Shopping Center, turn left on York Road. You will find us on the left just after Jefferson Avenue.

Call or drop by today to find out what kind of deal we can offer on a new Mercedes-Benz. We offer leasing and also have a wide selection of certified pre-owned vehicles to fit your budget. We will take your old car in trade-in. Take a test drive and learn what a state-of-the-art Mercedes-Benz can do for your driving experience, whether it's a several hour road trip or just your everyday errands.